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Pastures New

I have been writing a blog for about fourteen years. I can't actually remember when I first started. I had discovered a few craft blogs back in the days when it was still a relatively new thing and I thought it might be something fun to do. After a couple of false starts I wrote my first post - about courgette flowers if I remember rightly! It had very little to do with anything I was interested in but like most things, if you wait until you are ready, that day will never come, so I wrote about the first thing that came into my head. In time, I learned how to position my photos properly, (that first post was a shambles) add a header and information in the sidebar and before long I had started to build a following. I had become a blogger!

Mostly I wrote about embroidery and textiles but there was also a lot about baking, knitting and family life. It became like an old friend that I could visit a few times a week. But over the past couple of years we seem to have drifted apart. I visit now and then, more out of habit than anything else but often there's not much to say and more often than not I feel like I am repeating myself. So, with so much else changed this past year I have decided it's time for another change and that means parting company with the old blog. It's been a long time coming but it's time to say goodbye.

But I can't give up that writing habit and so I am starting afresh on here but with more of a focus on art and embroidery. I will be back later this week with some thoughts on the Art vs Craft debate which will be the subject of the podcast on Thursday. I hope you'll join me... I might even have a photo or two... it feels strange writing without them!

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