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Izzy & Gina... in stitches

Fellow textile artist Isobel Moore and I indulge in informal chat about art, embroidery and life in general, aimed at all stitchers, embroiderers, artists and creative souls. We discuss what it actually means to be an artist working primarily in textiles

Izzy and I are both practicing artists and tutors specialising in machine embroidery but we're still figuring it all out. We chat about combining the creative process with running a business. We hope you will find inspiration and support for your own creative journeys.

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Episode 21: Making Meaningful Art

Izzy and Gina chat about whether art needs to have a deep meaning to be considered valid

Episode 20: Location/Inspiration

In this episode Izzy chats to artist, author and tutor Kim Thittichai about her inspiration and what prompted her move to the West Coast of Ireland

Episode 19: Inspiration

This week we’re talking about inspiration: what it is, what it isn’t, and what to do with it when we’ve got it!

Episode 18: Sketchbooks

Do we use sketchbooks and what do we use them for?
- to collect ideas
-to organise thoughts
-to try out techniques
-to practice drawing

Do we use them on location or in the studio? Do we have just one sketchbook or several on the go at once? Do we have sketchbooks just for specific projects?

What do you physically look for in a sketchbook - e.g. size, shape, paper weight, spiral or stitched bound?

And perhaps the most important question - how crucial is drawing to the creative process? Listen to find out more!

Episode 17: Creative Retreats and Holidays

We chat about creative retreats and holidays, whether we have been on one or what we would look for in a creative escape. Is it necessary to get away or is just a change of scene enough to refresh our creativity?

Episode 16: Open Studios

In this episode we discuss our experiences of participating in Open Studio events

Episode 11: A Room of One's Own

In this episode we talk about studio spaces, our actual studios and our dream studios.

We discuss how we use our spaces and touch on issues of storage, decluttering and those compromises we have to make when finding space for our creative lives

Episode 15: Stuff - What, Why and Where do we put it?

Artists are renowned for collecting stuff - and we're no exception. In this episode we discuss what we hold onto, why we keep it, and where we put it all?

Episode 14: Procrastination

The episode that almost never happened because we kept finding other things to talk about first!

Episode 13: Creative Block

In this episode we talk about whether there's a difference between procrastination and creative block, why we might suffer from creative block and discuss what some of the solutions might be.

Episode 12: Putting a Price on Art

How do you price your art?
In this episode we talk about the different ways we've tried, or considered, for pricing our work. Along the way we talk through various questions that come up when trying to put a price on creative work.

Episode 11: A Room of One's Own

In this episode we talk about our studio spaces - our real ones and our dream ones.

We talk about how we use the space we have, and touch on issues around storage, decluttering, and the decisions and compromises that we all have to make when finding the space for our creative lives.