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Episode 8: To blog or not to blog

As it was through following each other's blogs that we first met, it seemed appropriate to take a closer look at our blogs and our blogging habits. Are blogs even relevant today?

Episode 8: To blog or not to blog

Mentioned in this episode:

Sky Portrait Artist of the Week

Artist Kayoon Anderson

The Crafter's Companion

Izzy's new blog

Gina's new blog

Fashion and Textile Museum blog

Automatic drawing

Nigel Slater's chard & feta tart recipe can be found in his book Kitchen Diaries II (p378)

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at

We'll leave you with this excellent quote from artist Anish Kapoor:
"Art isn't always about having something to say, sometimes it's about doing something and seeing what happens"

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