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Episode 26: A Year of Podcasting

This week Izzy and Gina celebrate a whole year of podcasting. We discuss the highs and lows (there aren't many lows), the similarities and differences in our personalities and most of all the very special friendship that has been forged. One of our best chats yet!

Episode 26: A Year of Podcasting

Dana K. White - decluttering expert!
Dana K White

The Container Concept explained
The Container Concept Explained

Neal's Yard Remedies to Roll
Neals Yard Remedies UK

Calm Christmas Podcast
Podcast - Beth Kempton

The Winter Writing Sanctuary
Winter Writing Sanctuary LIVE 2021 (FREE) - Do What You Love

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
The Artist’s Way | Julia Cameron Live

Uckfield Late Night Shopping 3rd December
Uckfield - Late Night Shopping

St Mary's Christmas Market 4th December
EVENTS | crc-gm

You can find us at:

Gina Ferrari Home | Gina Ferrari

Izzy Moore

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at Ikson.

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Gina Ferrari (ginaferrari3)

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