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Episode 10: Time Management

In this episode we talk about Time Management, how we stay organised, how we prioritise and how we get stuff done! We discuss "Eating the Frog" and how we decide what is or isn't important.

Episode 10: Time Management

Mentioned in this episode are:

Palimpsest Parade

Gabriel Lipper

Bullet Journals

Pomadoro method

Diane in Denmark (a sane and achievable approach to Flylady cleaning)

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Mel Giedroyc Quilts

Chanel 4 foreign language crime series 'Walter Presents'

Newlyn School of Art

Kombucha... with or without sloe gin!

And what do we mean by eating the frog?

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at

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