Welcome to my podcast: Izzy & Gina... in stitches

Fellow textile artist Isobel Moore and I indulge in informal chat about art, embroidery and life in general, aimed at all stitchers, embroiderers, artists and creative souls.  We discuss what it actually means to be an artist working primarily in textiles.

Izzy and I are both practicing artists and tutors specialising in machine embroidery, but we’re still figuring it all out! We chat about combining the creative process with running a business and hope that you will find inspiration and support for your own creative journeys.

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Sewing Machines - Wonderful things or sources of tension?

In this our sixth episode we discuss sewing machines, ones we have owned as well as ones we currently use.

External Vadidation - Do we Need it, is it necessary?

In episode 5 we discuss outside validation and ask, do we need it, is it necessary and do we like it?

Teaching in person vs Teaching online

In 2020 both Izzy and I found all our teaching commitments cancelled and we both took our teaching online. In episode 4 we discuss the pros and cons of teaching in person vs teaching online.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

In this episode we discuss what went according to plan during the crazy year that was 2020, what didn’t, what went well, how life changed, and which changes we’d keep. Looking forward, we discuss whether it’s even worth setting goals for the new year, what those goals may be, as well as some things we’d like to learn or explore further.

Our Favourite Textile Books

In this episode we talk about some of our favourite textile related books; those we find useful, interesting and inspiring as well as those we might like to own.

Meet Your Hosts

In this episode, we talk about how we started on our creative journeys, how we met, and whose idea it was to start a podcast!

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